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Over the past three decades, the oil and gas industry has witnessed a substantial improvement in drilling performance as a result of technical advances in the drilling process. Conversely, the conventional stabiliser technology has undergone no development during this period. This has contributed to well-known and costly problems in an industry where over $2.3 billion is spent on drilling problems alone.

Standard stabilisers are a well-known product and are run in every well drilled as part of a normal drilling BHA. Unfortunately, the standard stabiliser is now considered to be a piece of “dumb” iron with its value based on a very low day rate charge. This approach ignores the benefits, in terms of performance, that the tool should deliver to the ever more technological drilling system.

A fresh technical approach to stabilisation is required to create components fit for 21st century challenges in modern drilling. With modern oil and gas wells targeting deeper and more difficult to get to reserves through or in abrasive rock, the standard stabiliser no longer meets the needs of the operator.

The FAST Technology Solutions patented innovative stabiliser reamer offers the fresh technical approach needed by the operators in the current climate. FAST is a no risk solution that has proven to work as a replacement tool and not as an additional tool. FAST delivers substantial cost reductions through targeting vibration at it's root cause which leads to greatly improved drilling efficiency.

Wear Resistance

Part of the technological solution is the supreme wear resistance that is delivered by the high quality 21st century materials used by the FAST tool. These deliver consistently excellent results in benign to ultra abrasive environments.

Fixed Reamer

Revolutionary bi-directional reaming capability delivered through the use of advanced materials that are uniquely placed for use in vertical, deviated and horizontal wells.

Friction Control

Suppression and elimination of vibration is paramount in improving overall drilling performance. This is where the tailored FAST friction control system delivers primary value for money by regulating drill string dynamics.

Vibration Elimination

New tool under development.
Aimed at eradicating all downhole vibration.

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